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Company profile

Changzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in December 12,2002 and is atertiary subsidiary company of AECC (Aero Engine Corporation of China).It is located in Changzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Decelopment Zone,covering an area of 66,670 square meters.Its total assets is 0.73billion RMB. It's a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing high-precision industrial gears in China.It has been a national high-tech enterprise since 2009.

Since 2005,Tianshan has become the gear supplier for CQ Gearbox,NGC Group, Taiyuan Heavy industry,Erchong Group,CFHI Group,SANY Group,Chongqing Wangjiang Industry Co.,Ltd., Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Decelopment Co.,Ltd., Guodian United power ,CHINFONG Group,Zhengzhou Machinery INstitute and other well-konwn domestic eneterprises. In recent years,Tianshan has successfully passed the evaluation and quality certification by SIEMENS,VOITH,Bosch Rexroth,Dacid Brown,MOVENTAS,FLSMIDTH,METSO and other international well-konwn enterprises and has been rated as their qualified supplier.

In 2010,Tianshan inverted 0.3 billion RMB for th R&D of large and high -precision ring gears,and importde the NILES 8-meter grinding machine and Gleason-PFAUTER 10-meter hobbing machine to meet the demands of both foreign and domestic customers.At present,Tianshan leads the word on manufacturing lage and high-precision ring gears.

Since 2014,Tianshan responds positively to the country's call for green remanufacturing and seizes the market opportunities timely.It has cumulatively invested more than 60million yuan and its productin revenue for maintenance and remanufacturing of gearboxes from various industries reaches 0.1 billion.Up to 2018,the company has maintained more than 500 types of gearboxes from the industries of cement and building materials,wind power,metallurgy and steel and coal mine.The number of remanufactured gearboxes reachees more than 1500,saving social resources of 0.5 billion,compared wiht manufacturing new gearboxes.

Tianshan joined the AECC in 2016 and pays high attention to R&D.It consiserntly engages in the independent decelopment of special transmission parts with the help of Group Corporation.At present,the self-developde clutch products,pressure pumo gearbox,aerospace winding machine hing-precision gearbox,roll squeezer gearbox,coal mine cutting gearbox and other special transmission parts have been put into ues and won customers' praise.

In recent years,Tianshan has achieced steady development with the support and trust of customers.It has been manufactuting competitive products in the areas of high-precision gears,large high-precision ring gears,green remanufacturing of gearboxes and special transmission parts for customers under the motto of precision manufacturing and serbing the world.